Coggle Organisations

Each Coggle Organisation comes with features designed for managing large groups of people, where members come and go, and sensitive information needs to be protected.

When information is critical to your team you need more powerful tools, and more control over your data. That’s why we've built Coggle Organisations.

Pricing is simple, $8 per member per month.
Unlimited everything.

SAML Single Sign On

Organisation Feature

Authenticate users using your existing Single Sign On service. Support for OneLogin, Okta and more.

Everything in One Place

Organisation Feature

All your organizations diagrams in one place. Keep your teams work safe, in one easy to manage location – so you know exactly where to look.

Control Sharing

Organisation Feature

You can make sure that Coggles created in your organization stay in your organization. This protects sensitive material against accidental exposure if the wrong email address is invited to a document.

Safely Manage Users

Organisation Feature

Safely Manage UsersRemove members from your organisation without losing the work they've done. Use the management dashboard to view all the diagrams created in your organization by members past and present, deleted or active

Bulk Export

Organisation Feature

Organisation admins can download all of the organizations Coggles in a machine-readable, archivable JSON format, with a single click. Great for regulatory compliance or just peace of mind.

Show your Brand

Organisation Feature

Create professional, clean diagrams featuring your logo and export them as PDF or PNG. Great for sharing diagrams with clients or associates within your company.